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A wide variety of atlases, maps, and geospatial data from all around the world

Atlases & Maps
East View offers worldwide atlas coverage—a single source for all your atlas needs, regardless of language, geographic coverage, or thematic topic. Services include:
  • Approval plans – Managed by trained staff with language and subject expertise, East View offers customized approval plan services to save you the time and effort of selecting through thousands of titles in dozens of languages. Approval plans can be tailored by language, geographic region, publication year and type of atlas among other options.
  • Firm orders – We welcome orders for specific titles whether or not they are currently listed in our catalog.
  • Standing orders – If you want to ensure you receive all volumes of an atlas series or multi-volume set, place a standing order with East View to automatically receive each volume as published.
  • New book notifications and one-time suggestion lists – EVMail is East View’s free regular notification service of new atlases added to our catalog each month. If you need a more tailored one-time list, please contact us with your parameters and we’d be happy to work with you to provide an Excel suggestion list of available titles that suit your requirements.

East View welcomes any questions regarding our atlas services via email to [email protected] or visit our shop to explore our vast catalog of atlases.

Beyond atlases, the companies of East View offer a wide selection of map and geospatial products. Visit the following websites for your mapping needs:
  • East View Geospatial – a leading provider of authoritative geospatial data and GIS production services and solutions.
  • East View Map Link – America’s largest map distributor with access to hundreds of publishers around the world and a current stock of nearly 7,000 unique titles.
  • OmniMap – a major retailer of paper and digital maps, hiking guides, globes, and teaching materials with specialization in international mapping for nearly all countries and regions of the world.
  • East View Nautical – delivers the latest paper charts, raster and vector bathymetric data, seafloor DEM modeling, training charts and publications from our network of hydrographic agencies throughout the world.
  • Longitude Maps – offers a huge selection of folding maps, wall maps, atlases and guide books from publishers both domestic and international.

East View Presents Global Census Archive

A global initiative from East View to collect current and past GIS census data from around the world, along with all published results, supporting questionnaires and other census ephemera.

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Approval Plans

Managed by trained staff with language and subject expertise, East View offers customized approval plan services to save you time and effort

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Book Services

East View offers book services tailored for a wide variety of libraries, including approval plans, standing orders, firm orders, and new book notifications