Delivering unique content, technology, and services to meet the research needs of academic, public, science, corporate and government libraries for over 30 years

East View Information Services has a long history of service to hundreds of libraries throughout the world—whether in academic, public, science, corporate or government environments. This is testament to our industry leadership. East View specializes in identifying, acquiring, and delivering the widest variety of information products and services available.

Resources for Libraries

Academic Libraries:

Institutional libraries around the world use East View as a source for developing their foreign language collections. Beginning in 1989, we ascended to the leader in providing high-quality information resources from the countries of the former Soviet Union to libraries around the world. Since that time, we have continued to expand with resources from China, Europe, the Middle East and other extraordinary places. Explore the wide range of e-collections, serials and books East View can deliver directly to your library.

Public Libraries:

Our unique content and services engage a wide range of patrons – from those who are just beginning their public library experience to those committed to lifelong learning and diverse interests and demands such as multi-lingual titles, and current titles on the health industry, statistics, business, legal issues and more.

Science Libraries:

From Russia’s Sputnik to China’s dominance of world production in rare earth metals, researchers worldwide need access to technological content from countries where access is by no means certain or easy. East View identifies, sources and brings to market thousands of scientific and technological publications in print and digital formats and in dozens of languages.

Corporate Libraries:

We excel in our service to corporate libraries by consistently meeting the demanding information needs of business through a wide array of sources on subjects such as business law, standards and patents, statistics, etc. East View’s regular updates on new and draft legislation, elusive market data and financial figures, official standards and industry directories are all delivered with reliable service. Additional services include press monitoring and clipping services, archival research, custom reporting, and industries and trends.

Government Libraries:

We draw on a wealth of experience in meeting the information needs of many different government institutions. Our unique ability to supply publications from remote regions of Russia, the NIS and beyond, and on virtually any topic, along with same-day electronic delivery of critical information resources, has made East View a preferred vendor with government agencies and research institutions worldwide.

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