Datasets Solutions

Acquisition of datasets from worldwide sources
Datasets Solutions

Connect your teams to the data they need for improved research and reporting

East View has decades of experience in acquiring datasets of every variety from sources the world over. We routinely interact with new sources and conduct business in parts of the globe where you previously may have experienced problems with communication, approach or financial transactions. If your teams feel that a dataset (particularly of foreign origin) is out of reach—but desirable—then don’t fail to let East View surprise you.

Scroll down to read about some of East View’s recent project successes for big data input and processing.

Use East View to manage the process as data broker, clarify a dataset’s value, and see through to the most useful methodology to exploit that data

From discovery to full project management, let East View tease out the highest value and massage data to fit your specific needs

Our data teams can assist you with planning for data acquisition so that you understand how a prospective dataset purchase will be most useful to your long-term goals.

Whether your need is metadata design, data migration, or utilizing East View to actively massage data into the best vehicle for your use, we stand ready to assist. We can also provide secure U.S.-based proprietary server space for holding data and maneuvering it into your network as needed.

Let our team of experts help you decide how to best position data for future use with value-added services to clarify, project, and extend the use of a database. East View can provide a context for how to make your ideas with data become a reality—or to even improve on those ideas!

Perhaps you require customized digitization or custom metadata extraction. Or you desire a full scope project management aspect which transforms data from its existing form to something entirely new and useful. Or maybe your work is geospatial in nature, and you need a way to combine imagery, topographic data, sensor-bound data, and more. Our teams of data brokers, knowledge management experts and IT specialists can deliver.

Datasets Solutions

Case Studies


Project #1

International think tank researching military affairs and US policy toward Russia identifies key resources for intensive text-mining project.

Solution: East View provided copyright clearance and delivery of 17 volume years of issues (from 2000-2017) of 2 journals published in Russia, in Russian language. Content was provided in XML format as full-text along with 5 XML metadata fields identifying article titles, article authors and other details. Content was transferred to the client via FTP within 2 weeks of order.

Project #2

Governmental office researching foreign science and technology development and foreign technology transfer as measured through academic publishing requires acquisition of a large corpus of STEM journals published in China.

Solution: East View worked with the client to understand sources available to fit the need and further define the collection parameters to best match the project requirements. Once source and selection methods were determined, East View negotiated on the client’s behalf to acquire over 800,000 selected journal articles within the most recent volume year. Content was supplied in both PDF and XML format, along with appropriate rights for the project’s research needs and client’s own local-hosting solution. East View provided an independent QC of the deliverables prior to client’s receipt as well as ongoing support to their teams working with the data throughout the project. Delivery was executed within 60 days of confirmation of the order.

Project #3

National academic consortium concerned with acquisition and preservation of at-risk materials from Eastern Europe engaged East View Information Services to acquire permission, collect, and preserve regional newspapers which were not commonly collected nor commercially microfilmed elsewhere, but represent important local perspectives on national affairs as well as news of local events largely absent in national press in the years following the collapse of the Soviet Union. The consortium identified more than 20 regional newspapers from Russia covering the period 1991 to the present. The titles cover cities and districts (oblasts) from all over Russia, including the Far East, Caucasus and Caspian Sea regions, and the Urals.


  • Dedicated on-site scanning staff
  • Custom software programs for project streamlining
  • Delivery of 300 dpi color TIFF uncompressed files

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East View’s thoughtful approach to datasets solutions will ensure your researchers, analysts, and knowledge management staff have a shared access to previously unnavigable data for years to come.

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