Wide access to an extraordinarily broad range of military texts, books, journals and regional newspapers in all major strategic areas

The roots of East View’s history go back to the distribution of declassified Soviet military publications from 1989. Since that time, East View has successfully served researchers and analysts worldwide in their quest to understand military and security policies and capabilities of many of the world’s most important—yet impenetrable—societies.

East View and GSA

East View Information Services offers a broad spectrum of information resources tailored to meet the needs of governmental agencies and branches. For our valued U.S. Government Library clients, we provide specialized marketing, sales, and service options compatible with GSA. Collaborating with GSA streamlines the purchasing process with East View, ensuring simplicity and efficiency. Leveraging our extensive experience with these services, we adeptly navigate federal procurement policies, procedures, and regulations, enabling us to deliver unparalleled customer service to government libraries.

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East View products and services can also be found on GSA Advantage, the online procurement source for Federal Government staff.  To learn more or leverage this resource, visit:

For questions regarding any East View products and services, please call us at (800) 477-1005, or e-mail [email protected].

East View Companies GSA Information

GSA Contract number:  47QSEA23D0038

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