China Research Gateway presents the full spectrum of Chinese research, with exhaustive representation of STEM, social science, and humanities disciplines

China is not only a rich subject for scholarly inquiry, it is also one of the world’s most prolific sources of research across all disciplines. The scale of Chinese scholarly output in areas such as artificial intelligence, materials science, medicine, transportation, climate science, cyber security, communications technology, and quantum computing is extraordinary and continues to grow, making it essential for institutions to expand their intake of Chinese e-resources.

China Research Gateway (CRG) from East View Information Services closes the gap, bringing together the full spectrum of research emerging from China in one convenient and comprehensive package, including a wealth of English-language content. CRG presents a centralized means for discovery and access to this rich trove of research, specifically tailored to serve the needs of North American scholars and institutions.

Read on below to learn more about the benefits CRG brings to your institution and the various e-resources included in it.

Benefits of China Research Gateway

Make efficient use of your funding: Purchased separately, the resources in CRG would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. CRG provides comprehensive coverage of Chinese research across a wide range of subjects at a manageable price, allowing your institution to maximize funding and serve the widest audience of scholars possible.

Simplify acquisition and use of Chinese e-resources: The current state of Chinese e-resources is quite fragmented, with numerous smaller resources competing for attention, each with its own platform, business model, and even license agreement. CRG simplifies the decision-making process, offering a single unified portfolio of resources and providing unrestricted access to the fullest spectrum of research content from China.

Support equity, diversity, and inclusion in your library collections: CRG provides scholars with access to publications from China like never before, helping to promote critical thinking, information exchange, and discovery of different perspectives across a wide variety of disciplines.

Simplify access with a single, uniform portal: CRG provides an intuitive, English-language portal designed by East View for ease of browsing and accessing all the databases included. Users will have access to uniform information across all CRG resources, plus supplementary materials such as fact sheets, title lists, and user guides.

Support scholars with abundant resources on the latest research from China: CRG presents an unparalleled depth and breadth of sources, including scholarly journals, monographs, statistical publications, government documents, newspapers, dissertations, patents, and more, on the latest research across all disciplines, including STEM, social sciences, and humanities.

Support a wide range of scholars with English-language content from China: CRG features several English-language databases, including content from academic journals, dissertations, conference proceedings, yearbooks, and more. In addition, many other databases within CRG feature English-language interfaces and abstracts, and support searching in English, making these valuable resources more accessible to a wider audience.

Support visiting scholars and strengthen recruitment efforts: CRG offers visiting scholars and faculty from China a wealth of resources for their research, while also demonstrating to potential Chinese recruits the level to which your institution values the research coming out of China and how it supports the work being done by visiting scholars.

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CRG: Your Gateway to Cutting-Edge Research From China

China Research Gateway puts a plethora of Chinese research at your fingertips. Continue below to explore the Comprehensive Databases that make up the backbone of CRG. These databases form the core of any quality scholarly collection from China. These are not only the most popular types of sources for scholarly research – including journals, statistical publications, dissertations, and more – but are also the most widely adopted databases of Chinese publishing by North American academic libraries for the past 20 years. In addition, CRG includes an assortment of specialized subject databases. Each is crafted to address the particular needs of specialists in a field of study: from customized search and analysis features, to convenient compilations focused on the most compelling subjects from medicine to infrastructure to art.

CRG: Comprehensive Databases

Journals and Serial Publications

CAJ China Academic Journals
The most comprehensive full-text database of Chinese journals in the world, covering 99.9% of all academic journals published in China
Download: fact sheet | title list
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CMSD China Monographic Serials
The only monographic serials full-text database in China, presenting a collection of irregularly published literature from China
Download: fact sheet | title list

CYFD China Yearbooks
A comprehensive collection of authoritative Chinese yearbooks, including national, regional, industrial, and more
Download: fact sheet | title list


CDMD-CDFD China Doctoral Dissertations
The most comprehensive database of dissertations from top Chinese universities and research institutes
Download: fact sheet | title list

CDMD-CMFD China Master’s Theses
The most comprehensive database of theses from top Chinese universities and research institutes
Download: fact sheet | title list


CRWO China Reference Works
An indispensable reference collection of general and specialized dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, atlases and more
Download: fact sheet | title list

Statistical Publications

CSYD China Statistical Yearbooks
The leading database of authoritative statistical data in China covering all aspects of China’s technical, economic, industrial, environmental, and social development
Download: fact sheet | title list

Conference Proceedings

CPCD-CPFD China Conference Proceedings
The most comprehensive full-text database of proceedings from national conferences in China
Download: fact sheet | title list

CPCD-IFPD International Conference Proceedings
A comprehensive collection of international conference proceedings on a wide variety of topics
Download: fact sheet | title list

News Media

CCND China Core Newspapers
Daily content from hundreds of Chinese newspapers
Download: fact sheet | title list

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