Subscription Services

Looking for a reliable supplier for Russia/Former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Middle East or Asia periodicals in print or online format?

East View is your professional, reliable, and personalized partner in all languages, subjects and formats. We offer scholarly, popular, and hard-to-find newspapers, journals and magazines as well as irregulars from 40 countries on a subscription basis. We offer the full spectrum of subscription services including current and back orders, renewals, claims, cancellations, direct or consolidated shipping and customs clearance.

You can search or browse through our titles at or request an Excel catalog from [email protected]. Don’t see the title you’re specifically searching for? Please send us an email with the title information, and we would be happy to check the publication status of this title and get you a quote if it is still actively publishing.

Subscription Periods & Renewals

Most serial subscriptions we offer can be started up at any time of the year. Subscriptions may begin with the next issue to be published (in the case of journals) or from the next month (in the case of newspapers). We usually require a prepayment for our subscription services.

Following the initial subscription order, your institution will receive a renewal notice approximately 90 days before the subscription expires. That renewal notice includes a quote for the next subscription year and must be confirmed in writing or paid in advance of the due date in order to ensure uninterrupted service.

Back Issues

East View has stock of most back issues of the journals that we publish and can often source back issues of other titles as well. Please contact us at [email protected] to request pricing and availability for specific issues.

Shipping Information

Shipping and handling costs for delivery of current year print periodical subscriptions are built into the price of the subscription. Shipping costs for back issue and irregular orders might be charged separately.

Periodical titles may ship out from East View’s consolidation offices in Moscow, Kiev, Brno or Minneapolis, or they may ship directly from the publisher or the publisher’s local authorized shipper. If you are a customer in the EU who wishes to arrange customs clearance and consolidation of non-EU serials, please contact your East View account manager or write to [email protected]. Additional fees for consolidation and customs clearance might apply.

Binding Services

Save time on claims and use East View’s quality journal and periodical binding services as a value-added option for your print subscription. This unique service offers libraries the complete bound version of periodicals (after the last issue of a given year is published). It is particularly useful for online subscribers where a paper copy is also desired. Patrons can have online access to publications during the year, while libraries have the complete bound version in paper at year’s end to ensure preservation. Prices depend on periodicity, please inquire for details.

Binding services includes application of title as the library wishes it presented, issues and call numbers on the spine, choice of numerous color and material options for the cover, as well as optional security strips. For more information contact East View at [email protected].

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