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Are Your Valuable Collections Attracting More Dust Than Patrons?

Today’s students and faculty increasingly expect access to all the library’s resources online at all hours of the day. It’s in the DNA of libraries to provide their researchers with the best and most extensive access to information, but the nature of print or microform collections limits access to researchers unable to visit the library during open hours.

In today’s ever-changing, there is even greater pressure to support online learning and research. Digitizing your unique collections will help connect critical resources with the many researchers, faculty and students that are unable to access physical library resources.

Future-Proof Your Collections with East View's Digitization Services

Partner with East View to convert materials currently in hard-to-use (microform) or deteriorating physical formats into digital resources accessible from any authenticated location 24/7. At East View we understand that each project is unique. Our library consultants will work with you to provide the appropriate level of solutions. We offer a full range of services for digital conversion and hosting, including:

  • Project management
  • Rights diligence
  • Digitization and OCRing
  • Sourcing materials to complete collections
  • Custom metadata creation
  • Development of Open Access or Hybrid Open Access products
  • TDM support
  • Archival preservation
  • Hosting for long-term online access

More Than Just a Scanning Operation

Need to OCR Arabic? Have a collection with both simplified and traditional Chinese characters? Working with Church Slavonic? East View has the expertise to create the best solution for your needs.

When you work with East View to digitize your collections you are getting so much more than just scanning services. We can handle the entire digitization, conversion and hosting process, consulting with you every step of the way to make sure the end product is customized to suit the exact needs of your collection.

What’s more, beyond commonly-collected language collections, East View has over 25 years’ experience working with area studies materials — we understand the challenges that come with working with non-Roman scripts, we know which platforms work best for different languages, and we can help you navigate the options to create a resource that meets your goals for scholarship and your collection. This is expertise that not many other outfits can match.

A Proven Track Record

East View has worked with a variety of institutions on digital conversion/hosting projects. These include university libraries such as: Stanford, the University of North Carolina, the University of Kansas, the University of Wisconsin, and St. Olaf College. We’ve also worked with large organizations such as state archives (Kyiv Oblast Archive, Rosarkhiv of Russia), publishers (Cambridge University Press), the Center for Research Libraries (Slavic and East European Materials Project), and others (the George C. Marshall Center, the Soros Foundation). In all cases, original primary documents are treated with the utmost care to make sure that rare, fragile, or one-of-a-kind items are preserved intact wherever possible.

Download our brochure to learn more about projects East View has worked on.

Spotlight On:

Custom Newspaper Digitization and the Global Press Archive

East View’s Global Press Archive® (GPA) is a groundbreaking program to create the most comprehensive collection of digital news sources from around the world. With GPA, East View has digitized thousands of newspapers from around the world in many languages including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. The program is currently digitizing over 2.5 million pages a year, including commercial titles, Open Access collections and custom digitization. As a result of this program, East View has developed the expertise and costing models to effectively and efficiently support your digitization project. With a streamlined, cloud-based workflow to support digitization of over 200,000 pages per month, East View can quickly deliver on your project.

Did you miss our webinar on Preparing for Your Newspaper Digitization Project? Register here to view a recording. Also, be sure to check out the recordings from our webinar series: Newspaper Digitization Master Class


Newspaper Digitization Standards

Newspaper digitization is extremely challenging. The source material, intended to be disposed of shortly after being read, is a challenge to preserve. Libraries sporadically collected material beyond the large dailies. Varying font-sizes in numerous columns laid out in inconsistent patterns confuses OCR engines.

East View has the expertise to digitize from microfilm and print holdings using consistent standards modeled on the Library of Congress National Digital Newspaper Program standards. All pages are outputted as archival TIFF images, JPEG2000, METS/ALTO XML and Searchable PDFs to support digital preservation, platformization, and text and data mining. This allows for long-term interoperable uses.

Support Through the Entire Production Cycle

Platform UI

The standard platform for digitization projects is the East View GPA platform, which was designed specifically for academic research of newspaper content and is cross-searchable with other key GPA collections and standalone titles. The platform can support any language and various delivery models including Open Access and IP range-based institutional access. It features a modern, intuitive interface that offers users numerous tools to get the most out of your collection. A number of these features are highlighted below.

Collection Landing Page

Issue Page

GPA CRL Alliance

In 2019 East View partnered with the Center for Research Libraries to accelerate the digitization of newspapers in member collections. The GPA CRL Alliance will ultimately digitize millions of pages spread across collections selected by CRL advisors (including multiple Open Access collections). In addition to these collections, the GPA CRL Alliance program also supports CRL member institutions with discounts on commercial GPA products and custom digitization projects. CRL members that choose to do custom digitization with East View enjoy additional value as the standard platform UI for digitization projects matches the UI of the CRL-wide and Open Access collections and can live on the same search platform. Contact your East View representative for more information on the digitization process and available discounts.

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