East View Essentials: Election Ephemera

East View Essentials: Election Ephemera features multiple packages of election material, grouped by country or region. These packages present an unprecedented collection of fleeting election material including party programs, propaganda materials, special newspaper editions, handbills, and more – all preserved for easy digital access. Representing a vast repository of primary source material from both presidential and parliamentary elections, as well as major referendums and social movements, these Essentials packages embody a unique “first stop” for policy analysts and observers of electoral politics in the countries of the CIS.

East View Essentials is a new program from East View that presents curated collections of essential resources on a specific subject, region, or resource type at a single discounted price. Contact us for more information, quotes, and trial requests.

Available Election Ephemera Essentials Packages

Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia

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Armenia Parliamentary Election, 2012
Armenia Presidential Election, 2013
Armenia Parliamentary Election, 2017
Armenia Velvet Revolution, 2018

Azerbaijan Presidential Election, 2018

Georgia Parliamentary Election, 2012
South Ossetia Presidential Election, 2012
Georgia Presidential Election, 2013
Georgia Parliamentary Election, 2016
Abkhazia Parliamentary Election, 2017
Georgia Presidential Election, 2018
Georgia Parliamentary Election, 2020

Belarus and Moldova

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Belarus Anti-Fascist Leaflets (1942-1944)
Belarus Presidential Election, 2010
Belarus Parliamentary Election, 2012
Belarus Presidential Election, 2015
Belarus Parliamentary Election, 2016
Belarus Parliamentary Election, 2019
Belarus Presidential Election, 2020

Moldova Presidential Election, 2020

Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan

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Kyrgyzstan Parliamentary Election, 2015
Kyrgyzstan Presidential Election, 2017
Kyrgyzstan Parliamentary Election, 2020

Tajikistan Parliamentary Election, 2015
Tajikistan Presidential Election, 2020


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Russia in Transition, 1990s
Soviet Coup Attempt, 1991
Russia’s Constitutional Crisis, 1993
Russia Referendum, 1993
Russia State Duma Election, 1993
Russia State Duma Election, 1999
Russia State Duma Election, 2007
Russia Presidential Election, 2008
Russia State Duma Election, 2011
Russia Presidential Election, 2012
Russia State Duma Election, 2016
Russia Presidential Election, 2018
All-Russia Vote on Constitution, 2020


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Crimea Elections, 1994
Ukraine Parliamentary Election, 2012
Euromaidan Protests, 2013-2014
Ukraine Parliamentary Election, 2014
Ukraine Presidential Election, 2014
Ukraine Presidential Election, 2019
Ukraine Parliamentary Election, 2019

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