East View Essentials: Émigré Newspapers

East View Essentials: Émigré Newspapers features digital archives for three key titles from the United States representing major Japanese, Polish, and Russian émigré communities.

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East View Essentials: Émigré Newspaper Titles

Novoe Russkoe Slovo Digital Archive (1917-2010)

First published in 1910 in New York, Novoe russkoe slovo (Новое русское слово, New Russian Word) was the premier newspaper of the Russian émigré community in New York and beyond and the oldest Russian-language periodical in North America. The newspaper was a lively forum for a varied group of writers, and both documented and shaped the Russian immigrant experience in the United States. Read more: eastview.com/novoe-russkoe-slovo


Nowy Dziennik Digital Archive (1971-2022)

Nowy Dziennik (The New Daily) is the largest independent Polish-language newspaper in the United States, serving as a key source of information for the Polish émigré community. Its opinion-forming reporting covers current social, political, sports, cultural, and religious events. Established in 1971 in New Jersey by WWII and post-war emigrants and journalists, it later moved to New York City and ran daily until 2016, at which point it became a weekly. Read more: eastview.com/nowy-dziennik


Rafu Shimpo Digital Archive (1914-2022)

The Rafu Shimpo (羅府新報, L.A. Japanese Daily News) is the longest-running Japanese American newspaper in the United States. The paper began in 1903 supporting the small but growing Japanese community in the Little Tokyo area of Los Angeles, California. By the 1940s it was the most widely circulated paper in the region and included a weekly English section for second generation Japanese Americans. The newspaper continued on after World War II to become the most prominent and preeminent Japanese American publication in the United States. Read more: eastview.com/rafu-shimpo


V Novom Svete Digital Archive (1995-2022)

Founded in 1995 in New York City, V Novom Svete (В Новом Свете, In the New World) was the most popular weekly newspaper among the fourth wave of immigrants from the former USSR, which began in the late 1980s. Unlike existing émigré publications, such as Panorama (Панорама) in Los Angeles, which was aimed at readers on the west coast, and Novoe Russkoe Slovo (Новое русское слово, New Russian Word), a New York-based paper aimed at previous generations of immigrants, V Novom Svete published striking interviews with contemporary political and cultural leaders of modern Russia, as well as pieces on the life of the Russian community in the United States. Read more: eastview.com/v-novom-svete

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